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3 Caramel Apple Toppings That Will Blow Your Bushel

Caramel apples have always been a fall favorite for us sweet tooths Mouths. But what about other ooey, gooey sauces that often get neglected? And who decided that sprinkles and M&M’s were the only acceptable toppings? We’re ready to put our own indie twist on dipped apples.

Not only are they a super fun dessert for fall and for holiday parties, but they’re also so easy to make (read: kid-friendly)! And let’s be honest – you’re probably still finishing off the bag of apples you lugged home from the orchard. Here are our top picks:

Goat Milk Caramel + Salted Honey Lemon Cashews 

Also known as the not-so-classic caramel apple. The silky, creamy texture and nutty, bitter flavor of Fat Toad Farm’s Goat Milk Caramel goes perfectly with the creaminess of salted cashews. It’s basically a salted caramel apple with a zingy, nutty crunch.

Hot Fudge Sauce + Mini Marshmallows

Ohhhh yes. Coop’s Microcreamery’s Hot Fudge Sauce is fantastic on ice cream, but this chocolatey concoction also makes for a decadent dipped apple. Add some all-natural marshmallows and you’ve practically got hot chocolate on an apple! (And fruit = healthy. #logic)

Peanut Butter + Salty Sweet Granola

Our indie, healthy take on the classic after-school snack! Reginald’s Homemade Peanut Butter has a deep, toasty flavor that can only come from roasting. Blackbird Food Company’s Salty Sweet Granola adds a nice crunch, and packs bites of coconut, dried sour cherries, pumpkin seeds and pistachios (yum!). But it's the extra hit of salt that makes this sweet granola so irresistible. 

Note: In our office, we pre-sliced the apples and dipped them straight into the jars, but you could also pour out the dips, dunk an entire apple in them, roll it in the topping of your choice and refrigerate overnight if you’re looking for that harder exterior.

Dip or dunk – we won’t judge!

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