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On The Ninth Day Of Indie Christmas...

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to menine ladies dancing nine bottles sparkling.

Get a lady dancing with this limited-edition Sparkling Rosé Reserve (2013) that’s pretty in pink. With a barely-there, salmon-colored hue, this beaut swirls with a nose of warm raspberries and sourdough starter. Its bubbles (or should we call them holiday sparkle?) are refined, lending a creaminess to the palate which almost reminds you of an almond cherry Danish but dry and in a sippable form. Your lucky lady will be head over heels.

Once she says “Yes way, rosé!” be sure to send a wedding invitation to Russell Hearn, the winemaker at Lieb Cellars. After all, it’s thanks to his 85-acre sustainable vineyard in Long Island that your sweetheart will forever look at life through rosé-colored glasses. (Who knows, perhaps the winery could even be your wedding venue.) 

Would a rosé by any other name smell as sweet?

So, to recap...

On the ninth day of Indie Christmas, my small-batch maker gave to me:

Nine Bottles Sparkling
Eight Maids Goat Milking
Seven Swanson ginning
Six Birds A-Laying
Five Golden Things
Four Flying Birds
Three French Broads
Two Turtle Loves
And Our Indie Cocktail Made With Pear (whee!)

We have three more days of Mouth-watering gifts. Check back tomorrow to see what the tenth day of Christmas brings…

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