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On The Eleventh Day Of Indie Christmas...

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeleven pipers piping eleven pipers pickling.

Peter Piper picks Pernicious Pickling Co.’s pickles! Perfect for packing palatable, playful presents promptly!

Phew, try saying that 11 times fast. We’re suckers for beautifully designed packaging here at Mouth. We swoon if the food looks beautiful, to boot. Like these Sweet Mustard Bread and Butter Pickles! Whole, golden mustard seeds hanging out with thick coins of cucumber, hugged by a simply spiced vinegar? Love at first sight. Kind of like the one you experienced when you met your true love, right?

Pernicious Pickling Co. grew out of a love for pickles and the happy, ocean-bridging marriage of deep South flavors and European spice blends. When these pickles hit our tasting table, we gradually – subtly – ate the entire jar.

This delicious gift will prove that she’s your top pick.

So, to recap...

On the eleventh day of Indie Christmas, my small-batch maker gave to me:

Eleven Pipers Pickling
Ten Kings A-Leaping
Nine Bottles Sparkling
Eight Maids Goat Milking
Seven Swanson ginning
Six Birds A-Laying
Five Golden Things
Four Flying Birds
Three French Broads
Two Turtle Loves
And Our Indie Cocktail Made With Pear (whee!)

We have one more day of Mouth-watering gifts. Check back tomorrow to see what the twelfth day of Christmas brings…

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