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Zesty Z

Za’atar: because, why should labne get all the fun? Zesty Z, inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, was born (in 2016) and bred in Brooklyn by mother-son duo Lorraine and Alexander Harik. Alexander noticed that za’atar was appearing on more restaurant menus and published recipes, and realized there was a need for his family’s top-secret spice blend.

The Hariks had no food background, but a strong passion for the culture and flavors of za’atar, a spice blend that Lorraine makes her own special way, with top quality ingredients. Though za’atar has many variations, this one has its roots in Lebanon and is a third-generation Harik family blend of spices and herbs. It contains, among other ingredients, thyme, sumac, oregano, salt, and sesame seeds. Alexander thinks it’s the ultimate version, and one bite might have you agreeing with him heartily. The kicker is it’s blended with olive oil, so it’s ready to spread, slather, and dip, in two varieties (Original and Spicy). Even better, they are vegan, Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 approved, so whatever you’re eating these days, this stuff is ready to join the plate and the party. Plus, Zesty Z has expanded to GMO-free and kosher savory popcorn (Feta, Spicy Chilies, and Savory) and dry seasoning packets, so you can snack on this craveable flavor any time of day or night.