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The pure existence of Wondermade is a bit of a happy accident, with a hint of Christmas magic thrown in for good measure. A few years back, Nathan Clark – a.k.a. Wondermade’s Chief Marshmallow Agent – gave his wife Jenn a candy thermometer and a recipe for marshmallows. 

Why, you ask? “It just seemed like fun. But our first batch was an eye-opening experience. We immediately realized we'd been shortchanged on what a marshmallow should be! We started working with different flavors, trying other recipes. The thing with marshmallows is that you cook them in batches, so we always had more around than we could eat on our own.”

You probably can fill in the blanks from here. Nathan and Jenn started giving away all those extra marshmallows to friends and family – test batches, extras, new flavors – so they wouldn’t go to waste. Soon enough, folks were asking if they could place orders. The Clarks knew they’d stumbled into something big and dove into nearly a year of what Nathan calls “marshmallow R&D” (we’d call that heaven). after recipe testing and streamlining the process so as to ensure consistent perfection, they were ready to launch Wondermade.

Wondermade works only in small batches, each producing just one dozen boxes of marshmallows. While they’d like to work in larger quantities, they haven’t found a way to do so without compromising quality. 

How do they like being in business for themselves? “There's not much about a small business that's easy, except delighting in the work of your hands. We'd love to give every person everywhere the chance to have a real marshmallow. It really is a mind-blowing experience and we LOVE being a part of it.”