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The YES Bar

“If it's in our bar, it's good for you. And when you eat it, it will be yummy. Like, really yummy.” We say YES to that!

Abigail Wald didn't set out to found a food company. She just really wanted to say no to saying no. It’s not a pleasant word, especially when you have to say it to your young kids—over and over. Abigail’s six-year-old son had to have several heart surgeries, and her five year old struggled with food sensitivities. In the process, the former veteran voice actress discovered the healing power of healthy food, but she found herself having to tell her sons “No” to just about every treat they requested. She was frustrated by the lack of choices, and it got to the point where Abigail was sobbing over a pile of her kitchen contents on the floor before she realized she had to take matters into her own hands.

She vowed to invent a snack so delicious and so healthy that she could say “yes,” every time Arthur asked for it. She ended up with a circular energy “bar” that tastes like a cookie and is so good, Arthur and adults alike clamor for it. One bite of these babies and you’ll be shouting “Yes!” too.

To make the bars, Abigail rooted out everything healthy, organic and naturally free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn from her Laurel Canyon, California kitchen pantry: nuts, seeds, honey, maple syrup, pure vanilla bean powder and dark chocolate. She got to work perfecting the consistency, experimenting for months before it was just right. But even “before they were perfect,” both sons, Abigail’s husband and all of their friends were fervent for the bars. Her husband even used them to fuel fifty mile bike rides. Bolstered by the response, Abigail started shopping her wares, and found that local stores loved them, too, and wanted to sell them. Her treats became a surprise health-food hit in body-conscious Los Angeles. 

Paleo friendly, GMO free, naturally free of gluten, dairy and soy, these totally yummy bars can be enjoyed by virtually anyone.