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Illinois-based artist and gallery curator, David Van Alphen made a pledge to start eating more healthily after his sons were born. But he didn’t always have much luck making better choices at the supermarket, especially when it came to cleaned-up versions of one of his favorite treats—pickles! 

After six-months of trial and error, and the development of a proprietary 11-spice blend (which works its way into every one of his brines), David clocked a culinary KO. He hit the ground running with his line of hand-packed pickles in 2011, taking his company’s name from friends who praised the flavor as hitting you “like a suckerpunch.”

A lot of the credit goes to the smaller size of the scrupulously-selected, farm-grown cukes, which allows for maximum snap and crunch. And David certainly doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to in-your-face seasonings, from copious amounts of garlic to smoky arbol chilies.  

Pickles aren’t the artist’s only canvas—David also brings a designer’s eye to the packaging. The brand’s iconic boxer emblem is a nod to vintage prizefighters, set against a colorfully bold and saturated background. What a knockout product!