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Old Dog Ranch

This company has gone to the dogs! And we mean that in the best way possible. Maker Mollie Sitkin grew up on Old Dog Ranch—a fifth-generation family farm on the Calaveras River in San Joaquin County, California. When her parents purchased 100 acres from her great grandma, they named it after two of their long-lived canine companions, Molly and Poppy. Clearly, they loved them so much, they named their daughter after one too!

In respect for the land her ancestors have lived on and farmed since 1912, Mollie began crafting a line of walnut-based snacks, using walnuts from the orchard her father planted the year she was born. That 10-acre orchard stands on the land where Mollie’s great-great-great grandfather raised crops for his sheep a century ago. And since then, it’s become the first regenerative certified organic walnut farm in America, showcasing top quality, intensely buttery, golden-hued Chandler walnuts with easy-to-crack shells that thrive in the deep and rich topsoil of the area. 

And they’re not the only carefully-tended product that Mollie makes delectable use of. Ranch-grown peppers are smoked over pruned walnut branches to add gentle heat to snacks. The honey used to sweeten nut butters hails from their hives. And primary ingredients such as organic Meyer lemons and rosemary come from other local, family-owned farms.  

Mollie works with a team of three, to craft nut-based snacks by hand in small-batches. And they always make sure to take a break midday, for a shared lunch using ranch-grown produce and other farmers market finds. 

We’re in total puppy love with this wholesome, family-focused business!