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Two McClure brothers spent summers learning from their grandfather how to make Great Grandma Lala’s pickles. They’re now making vats of pickles, relish and Bloody Mary mix just outside of Detroit, Michigan, and producing small batches for research and development in Brooklyn.

Joe just finished his doctorate in physiology, is a classical musician and oversees large-scale production in Michigan. Bob’s an actor, comedy writer and manages new product development and brand management in Brooklyn. The business also includes Mike (Dad), a veteran of the grocery/retail industry who loves to ‘put ‘em in the jar’ every day, and Jennifer (Mom), who started making this recipe at age 5 and, in addition to working as a massage therapist, handles all things pickle-related.

Every cucumber is hand-sliced, every jar hand-packed. Most pickles use cold brine (requiring less time for fermenting), but McClure’s uses a hot brine of peppers and garlic and ferments the cucumbers for four to five months! The result is a pickle with kick.

“I love talking to the farmers to see what’s coming in,” Joe says. “I like getting my hands dirty.”