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Live Love Pop

You could say that popcorn is a bit of a lost art. With the advent of the microwave and the microwavable popcorn that promptly followed, the popcorn-making process has been reduced to nothing more than counting seconds between pops as you watch a revolving folded paper packet slowly expand behind the glass. 

Lauren Brundage is one of the rare few who have remained faithful to the old popping ways, and the petite popcorn powerhouse has made it her life's mission to convert the rest of the world. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, cooking alongside her mama and developing a penchant for popcorn in particular. By the time she was grown-up, she had her homemade popcorn perfected, and served up kernels to her friends on the reg. Then the idea popped into her head that the world needed to taste her delicious snack for themselves.

What set it apart were the simple things: stove-popping, small-batches, hand-tossed with homemade seasoning. Equally impressive was the fact that the popcorn's extremely delicious flavor didn't come loaded up with sugar or calories. It seemed like the perfect product to take the snack world by storm – seriously healthy, yet delicious and satisfying. Like "nature's candy," Lauren calls it – and it's all being made in Addison, Texas. 

With its festive packaging and even more festive flavor (like Lime Fresco – so zesty), we foresee Live Love Pop making a deliciously successful climb to the top.