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A (Medjool) date with destiny never sounded so delicious. Joolie's was founded by David Kohl, who is so date-oriented he literally uses a date-shaped surfboard, and Greg Willsey, a passionate brand-builder. Joolie’s dates come from the decades-old Kohl Family Farm (started by David's grandfather in 1979)., with 500 acres of date palms, in the Coachella Valley. There, California’s natural sunny climate and the nearby Colorado river makes growing the sweetest, tastiest dates just another day in paradise. The nutrient-packed soil means the naturally sweet, fresh dates are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The Medjool dates, which are naturally low on the glycemic index scale, are hand-picked in three rounds during harvest time to ensure they are at optimal ripeness and sweetness. The company sells both whole and pitted dates, so snack away, add to cakes and cookies, puree in smoothies and shakes, or add to nutty couscous. All nutrient-loaded dates (high in potassium, fiber, and magnesium), are organic, the company continuously works towards more sustainable packaging, and all things considered... sounds like the best date anyone here has had in a long time.