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Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres was a pioneer in the Brooklyn artisanal food scene. Raised in France, after a star-career as pastry chef for Le Cirque, he came to New York and opened his first workshop in Dumbo, Brooklyn in 2000, when it was just a fledgling neighborhood. It was his dream.

Now, when he sees people coming in, young to old, all with a smile on their face as they look around, smell, taste, he thinks “It’s just a happy job and I love it.”

Mr. Chocolate likes all forms but prefers darker earlier in the day, and milkier as evening approaches. He uses African beans for deep flavor without too much bitterness or astringents, the kind of flavor he’s learned Americans prefer.

The myth that women are the biggest chocolate fans has been debunked in his Brooklyn store, where boxers from Gleason’s Gym come in regularly for a little treat after training.

Everything Jacques makes is fresh and hand-crafted using only premium ingredients, with no preservatives, additives, extracts, oils or essences. He works closely with his teams to oversee and manage the conveyor belts, massive chocolate tempering machines, and other equipment that churn out his delicious confections.

Jacques often spends nights on his boat docked in the Hudson River. Maybe sneaking a 72% cacao just before midnight.