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Ash Creek Oregon

They want you to know where the good comes from. And that starts with their name. Ash Creek is all about paying homage to the eponymous bubbling brook, that’s been a life source of the family farm since original members immigrated from Scotland to Oregon in the 1800’s.  

Eldon Riddell originally used the land to raise world-class Romney sheep, and was succeeded by his son, David, who transitioned to cultivating grass seed. His daughter Anissa took over, and now the fifth-generation operation is overseen by her son, Dylan Branch, who’s diversified the 5,000 acres of crops to include Red Alder, Black Walnut timber, and most consequentially, orchards full of hazelnuts.

Round, hard-shelled filberts are local to the growing region of Willamette Valley, which boasts some of the world’s most dark and fertile soil. Ash Creek Oregon concentrates on the Jefferson variety, which is especially large in size with a unique flavor profile. Buttery, a little bit smoky and concentrated in flavor, they’re the very essence of what a hazelnut should be.

In honor of the land that’s supported his family for generations, Dylan has committed himself to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. The company sets large parcels of unused acreage aside for local wildlife such as deer, mountain lions and geese, and plants trees around the edges of their fields to help control erosion and create habitat. Ash Creek Oregon also employs no-till farming methods. Not only does this help preserve the delicate ecosystem, it ensures the microorganisms present in their rich soil are healthy and flourishing, so they can continue producing some of the most incredible hazelnuts possible. 

Here’s to a long and prosperous partnership between the Riddell’s and Ash Creek, so we can stay flush with chocolate-covered filberts for centuries to come!