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Fine and Raw

Daniel Sklaar quit his job as an NYC financial analyst to work as a raw chef in Arizona. He returned to New York City to live out his dream: making luxurious fine chocolate using raw organic ingredients. Or, restated more simply: Fine and Raw.

In his Brooklyn chocolate lab, Sklaar starts with only the highest quality ingredientsraw, fair-trade cacao powder; Mexican agave nectar; Malaysian virgin coconut oil; Himalayan sea saltand combines them using low heat to maintain both flavor and nutrition.

He might get crazy and throw in some ‘yacon,’ a crisp sweet tuber from the Indies. Or add a bit of tocos, a rice bran with a cappuccino flavor. None of his products contain white sugar, none contain dairy, none contain toxins or chemicals, and none are heated over 118 degrees (so they qualify as ‘raw’).

Sklaar loves the creativity that comes with his newfound career. “I get to play and experiment. It’s uncharted territory.”

Sklaars mantra: Save the world through silliness and chocolate! For a good life, follow his prescription and, for 5 minutes every day, store one chocolate on your tongue.