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Jasper Hill Farm

Andy and Mateo Kehler wanted to find meaningful work (dairy farming) in a place they love (Greensboro, Vermont), which is why they started Jasper Hill Farm in 2003. The pastures are grazing grounds for 45 Ayrshire cows.

Perhaps more noteworthy is the 22,000 square-foot facility with 7 underground aging cellars, the first of its kind in the U.S. Jasper Hill uses that space to mature and care for unripened cheeses from other artisan makers (like Weybridge from Scholten Familiy Farm!).

Jasper Hill is totally committed to the American artisan cheesemaking movement, and to helping farms find new sources of income through quality small-scale cheesemaking. 

They're also deeply committed to sustainability. In 2009 they began working on the "Green Machine," a system that turns the the waste generated by farm animals and cheesemaking into nutrient-rich compost, water for irrigating pastures and even energy for running the creamery boiler. It's been up and running since August of 2012. 

We're thrilled to carry some incredible cheeses from this amazing force in the American artisan cheese world.